Fate Contract -Worldwide Arena – Svindl&Reiðhestur

Eftir | Ágúst 14, 2022

This is a fair strategy MMORPG!

Eiginleikar leikja:

1.Fair game, NOT P2W
To ensure the fairness of the game, only monthly and lifetime cards are sold, and all players are at the same starting point!

2.Idle System
Set your partners training while you’re away.
Vaxa & Þjálfa öflugt lið án allrar slípunarinnar!

3.Join the guild and Scramble for stronghold
Compete for glory with the guild friends!

4.Recruiting Partners
Dozens of partners are waiting for the signing of the contract, recruit them all to your formation and fight with you!

5.Create an exclusive team
Build a team according to your ideas and use your wisdom to defeat your opponents!

6.Mansion system
After the battle, remember to return to the mansion, cook and play games with your partners to deepen intimacy! Of course don’t forget to visit your friend’s house!

7.Uncover the truth about the fate contract
What is the secret of the command? What is there in the dusty history? All puzzles are waiting for the Son of fate to solve!

Join the arena and compete with players from all over the world!
Klifraðu upp stigatöfluna fyrir bestu verðlaunin!

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