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Samurai Blade: Yokai Hunting – Svindl&Reiðhestur

Become a hero of the legend following the journey of destiny with lovely girls,Oriental Collective Action RPG Game Samurai Blade! ‘Sengoku Period of Japan when Yokai and Human coexisted,there was a hero who protected the Marble from Yokai, the treasure of the village.However, with mysterious incident, the Marble was taken and all the tribe got… Lestu meira »

Phobies – Svindl&Reiðhestur

From the industry veterans who brought you Company of Heroes and Age of Empires: Castle Siege, comes Phobies, Smoking Gun Interactive’s new terrifying collectible card game! Summon your worst fears and use their abilities to seize control of perilous environments. Wield a masterful strategy and outsmart all players who dare challenge you in an asynchronous… Lestu meira »

Space Leaper: Cocoon – Svindl&Reiðhestur

Oooohhh, my pretties!😘 This is a meowsage from the CocoonPlease read the following document claw-fully, no exception, not even if you’re really pretty!Announcer: DorananaMysterious meowsage decrypting nya-ow! ★Fur-midable Rogue-like Gameplay!Go on randomly generated adventures and discover the secrets hidden in the depths of the universe. But remember, you have to share them with… Lestu meira »

Moonlight Lovers: IvanDating Sim / Vampire Cheats&Reiðhestur

Discover a French otome game in English with Moonlight Lovers! A series of interactive stories (choice game) in a dark, mysterious and dangerous universe… The best part? You can play the Moonlight Lovers visual novel for free. Each story is divided into chapters. In each episode, you will need to make different choices to personalize… Lestu meira »

LAST CLOUDIA – Svindl&Reiðhestur

WHAT IS LAST CLOUDIA?A fantasy RPG that weaves a sprawling tale with quirky characters and cinematic effects. Its gorgeous, fast-paced battles feature pixel art characters sweeping though 3D playspaces. Download the game now! CINEMATIC EFFECTS AND SWEEPING SOUNDTRACKA riveting tale told with pixel-art characters and 3D backgrounds, brought to life with lovingly crafted music and… Lestu meira »