Toy Battle : PvP defense Cheats&Reiðhestur

Eftir | Desember 10, 2022

Militoy defenseToy Defense PvP
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Introduction to Game

The thrilling Defense PvP of cute toys!
The thrilling battle of toy soldiers who played with them as children!
Be the commander of the toys and guard the toy base!

Experience high-level strategic play with three simple manipulations: Summoning, Synthesis and Power Up!

The new return of toy soldiers who played with them as children!
Create your own defense strategy with a variety of unique toys!

Will it compete with users around the world to determine who is the strongest in the defensive battle?
Will we work together to implement various linkage strategies?
Valið er þitt.

The brain battle of commanders in the Master League, Grand Master League!
Be the best commander with your own strategy!

★Game Feature
Defend the base from the surging enemy!
Co-operation to defend the base with your friend!
– Meira en 50 unique toy soldiers!
Win the league and aim for the best commander!
Unlimited random defense PvP with global users!