Island Farm Adventure – Cheats&Hack

By | August 24, 2023

Welcome to Island Farm Adventure, a farming adventure game where you can harvest a variety of crops and explore mysterious islands. Embark on your own drifting adventure, discover new companions and go on fantastic adventures between different fantasy islands.

Renovate your home
A storm has come and destroyed the house, collect materials to repair and rebuild it.

Exploration Adventure
Leave your island and explore a mysterious tropical island with your partner, help your new companion and overcome all kinds of obstacles and trials.

Rescue the People
Rescue those who have survived the storm and the survivors will move to your island. The more islanders you have, the more your island will prosper – after all, there’s strength in numbers.

Make friends with your fellow islanders, each with their favorite items, and complete their quests to build relationships with your fellow islanders!

Build a farm on your island. Use your skills to harvest crops, raise animals, and produce food. Turn your farm into a food paradise in this game.

Island Farm Adventure is and always will be a free game. Some items in the game can be bought with money. This will help speed up the game, but is not required to participate in any content.