Mostri Gang 3D – Trucchi di Heroes World&Hack

Di | ottobre 14, 2021

Alla ricerca di un divertente gioco di combattimento? Then this 3D gang beasts game is just for you.
Monsters gang is an addictive fighting game. Con combattimenti realistici basati sulla fisica e un coinvolgente gameplay 3D. Semplice, pieno di azione, e competitivo.

Colpo & combattere i mostri. Puoi spingerli, buttali fuori tutti o picchiali fuori. Or just grab them and make them fly out away of the ring!
Use a combination of punches, kicks and smashes to knock out the other monsters. Compete in intense boxing battles and don’t let anyone beat you.
Try to survive in this exciting action game. Beat everyone in the gang fight and be the one who stays in the boxing arena!

Free to move, punch and fight in a 3D world.
Silly & crazy physics fighting game.
Play as a gang beast.
Various levels & absolutely fun battlegrounds.

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