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沿って | 4月 1, 2023

Baby Panda World is a family app favored by fans! It collects all the popular cartoony games of BabyBus! All your favorite activities for kids can be found here! Can’t wait to explore a world that belongs to you? Let’s create your own story!

以上のものがあります 100 fun areas in Baby Panda World! In the simulation games, you can enjoy shopping in the supermarket or going to the movies. Want to go to the amusement park? Plenty of entertainment awaits you!

Or pack your luggage and set off on a journey from the airport! You may arrive at a coastal city through deserts and glaciers. Explore the beachfront hotel, the ice cream shopHave a wonderful time!

Which role would you like to play? Policeman, 医師, シェフ, pilot, もっと. You can play any role you like in Baby Panda’s World!

If you like dressing up, turn into a stylist and create stylish looks for your princess or pet. Do you like farm games? Raise farm animals, and plant fruits and vegetables. Become a super farmer!

Little adventurer, 準備はできたか? Go through the jungles and fight against witches; out to the sea and beat the pirates. Play adventure games to your heart’s content in Baby Panda World!

You can also travel back in time to the Jurassic period and visit the dinosaur kingdom, or go underground to help rabbits hide from enemies. Realize your adventure dreams with these fun experiences!

There is new content available every week at Baby Panda’s World. Feel free to explore this world at any time and enjoy every moment of fun!

Explore the world and create your own story;
– 130+ popular activities for kids in BabyBus are all in one app;
Learn about 8 major fields of knowledge: science, painting, 音楽, 算数, language, emotional intelligence, health, and society;
Play with popular BabyBus characters;
– 100+ areas to be explored: kindergarten, 町, jewelry store, dream castle, dinosaur world, enchanted forest, もっと;
Play different roles: astronaut, archaeologist, athlete, captain, convenience store manager, painter, もっと;
Endless adventures await you: treasure hunt, deep-sea rescue, maze challenge, space exploration, time travel, もっと;
New fun content available every week;
Free to install.

BabyBusで, 私たちはスパークする子供たちに専念します’ 創造性, 想像力と好奇心,子供たちを通して私たちの製品をデザインします’ 彼らが自分で世界を探検するのを助けるための視点.

現在、BabyBusは多種多様な製品を提供しています, ビデオやその他の教育コンテンツ 400 年齢からの百万人のファン 0-8 世界中で! をリリースしました 200 子供の教育アプリ, 以上 2500 童謡のエピソードと健康にまたがるさまざまなテーマのアニメーション, 言語, 社会, 化学, アートとその他の分野.

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