Iris.Fall – チート&ハック

沿って | 4月 22, 2021

「光と影」をコアコンセプトに, Iris.Fallは、他のプレイヤーとは異なり、プレイヤーをモノクロの冒険に連れて行きます.

夢から目覚めた後, アイリスは黒猫を追いかけて老朽化した劇場に入る, 光と影の奇妙な迷宮を行き来する. 物語が展開するにつれて, Iris begins to realize that everything in this theater seems to have some kind of hidden connection to herself.

• Unique monochrome art style
The game’s visuals use a pure black-and-white cartoon style, relying on the transition between light and shadow to create a distinct experience, both exquisite and visually impactful.

• Fusing gameplay and the “light & shadow” system
The concept of “light and shadow” runs throughout the design of the game’s art, story, and puzzles. By switching between light and shadow, players can pass through the two realities, experiencing the unique interlacing of black and white, light and shadow, 2D and 3D.

• Immersive story experience
Become fully immersed in the plot through the stylized and suspenseful atmosphere of the setting and story. Progress in the game feels more like the player’s spiritual exploration.