Idle Fish Aquarium – Cidra&Hack

Dening | Januari 27, 2023

Build an aquarium empire! In your small mobile ocean there are a lot of cute fishes. Mbukak kunci new fish tanks with unique types of fishes. Build colorful and fun aquariums that will boost your business to the next level.

Algae produce oxygen, fishes are collecting the oxygen bubbles and transport them to oxygen tanks. That’s how you earn and invest in better gear, new fishes and algae to speed up the process and make even more coins!

In this special aquarium you will find fun fish types like taco fish, smartphone fish, robot fish, watermelon fish and more! Discover all of them by collecting tanks full of valuable oxygen.

Upgrade your factory, invest in better equipment to speed up the earning process and become the next Fish Capitalist!

Build an oxygen empire with your fish factory idle game. Manage your aquarium factory efficiently. During completing next levels, you will unlock boosters like Golden fish with bonus cash or Auto pipe which will help you earn more coins. Soon you’ll become the next Fish Tycoon!

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