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Country Tales – Cidra&Hack

It’s not too often you hear about a time management game with a story worth exploring, but Country Tales is making waves with time management lovers who are captured heart and soul by not only the terrific gameplay, but this heartwarming and happy tale. Labeled asaddictive,” “amazing,” lan “challenging,” Country Tales is a must-have… Waca liyane »

Royal Knight Tales – Anime RPG Cheats&Hack

Connect to an online fantasy kingdom, gather beautiful girl knight heroes, lead troops in innovative casual tactical battles, and join fun clan activities. Let’s play this perfect mix of anime RPG and casual online MMO games together! No in-game Ads. 😊Generous beginner rewards including SSR heroes, summon coupons, permata, lan liya-liyane. Claim from in-game mail… Waca liyane »

Tales Noir – Cidra&Hack

Open Beta has been confirmed on 6th July! Tututi lan entuk informasi lan hadiah liyane:Situs web: https://tn.pixelrabbit.net/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TalesNoir Splendid storyline unfolds in the world of Tales NoirRe-write your story! Fight For Your Destiny with Princess AllianceBuild your own team! 100+ Collectable princesses and princes from various fairy tales Craft Your Own Castle in… Waca liyane »