Ninjutsu Legend-Idle Game – თაღლითები&ჰაკი

Ninjutsu Legend-Idle Game is a card game that brings together many ninjas. Players can recruit ninjas from all over the world, from those with illustrious families, those who inherit the limits of their bloodline, and those who make a name for themselves through their own efforts. This game perfectly recreates the storyline of the War… Წაიკითხე მეტი »

Life is Strange – თაღლითები&ჰაკი

Life Is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionize story-based choice and consequence games by allowing the player to rewind time and affect the past, present, and future. Follow the story of Max Caulfield, a photography senior who discovers she can rewind time while saving her best friend Chloe Price.The… Წაიკითხე მეტი »

4=10 – თაღლითები&ჰაკი

4=10 is a casual number puzzle game for both young and old. The goal is to create an expression with 4 given numbers equal to 10. For example 1+2+3+4=10 The game uses only basic math and starts off easy, gradually becoming more difficult. Hopefully players should also become better at it. The game is designed… Წაიკითხე მეტი »

Bricks n Balls – თაღლითები&ჰაკი

We have got the brick-breaking challenge of the century, are you on it? Bricks n Balls is a fun and challenging brain game, which comes for your logic, sharp attention, and problem-solving skills. Let’s see what you’ve got to break all the bricks with one shot! Bricks n Balls is the classic brick-crusher game, made… Წაიკითხე მეტი »

Pop Rich Tree – თაღლითები&ჰაკი

ამ თამაშში, you need to select a group of star colors on a grid and click to destroy them to upgrade your tree . Get rich games are here to stay! Pop Rich Tree is a rich game that will help you feel like a true billionaire. Download right now the greener tree growing… Წაიკითხე მეტი »

Lost Words: Beyond the Page Cheats&ჰაკი

Discover an atmospheric narrative adventure where you navigate 2D worlds with 3D visuals to solve a great variety of puzzles. Harness words to alter the environment around you in an entirely unique and refreshing style of platforming. This game will mesmerize players with its unique blend of gameplay mechanics, striking watercolor aesthetic and its unique… Წაიკითხე მეტი »

Legend of Keepers – თაღლითები&ჰაკი

Legend of Keepers is a premium game without micro-transactions (but with upcoming big content DLCs!). Pre-register now to get a 30% discount on its release! Have you ever wanted to become the villain of the story? კარგად, the Dungeons Company is looking for its new Boss and needs you to protect their treasures! Legend of… Წაიკითხე მეტი »

Love Traveler: BL Visual Novel Cheats&ჰაკი

Love Traveler is an exciting BL game that takes you on a time-slip adventure, where you’ll relive old memories with friends and discover new romance along the way. In this dating sim game, you play Jess, a character who receives a love letter from someone in the past. As you journey through time, you’ll encounter… Წაიკითხე მეტი »

Not Not 2 – A Brain Challenge Cheats&ჰაკი

Enhance your Brain Skills by solving clever Puzzles based on orientation, logic and colors! The 15 MILLION players hitNOT NOTis back with a fully revamped version! New Modes, More Levels, Many Collectibles, and still totally FREE!Dive now into this FUN and ADDICTIVE new cerebral experience! ᲠᲝᲒᲝᲠ ᲕᲘᲗᲐᲛᲐᲨᲝᲗ:• Read the instructions written on… Წაიკითხე მეტი »

Dawnlands – თაღლითები&ჰაკი

In Dawnlands, players battle to awaken an ancient land. Explore a gigantic world, gather materials, craft weapons, and build a world only you could dream up, but be wary of the threats in the dark! Become the savior of an unknown land, and revel in a stunning open-world! ★Explore★ A variety of biomes, სიწმინდეები, და… Წაიკითხე მეტი »