Kasplat – Cheats&Hack

By | August 11, 2023

Choose your dart, lock’n’load your color palette and rain colorful chaos in this brilliant bonanza of messy mayhem.

Fight for the high-score with multiple game modes, epic powerups and deeper strategy than meets the eye in Kasplat.

• Funky, dynamic soundtrack that reacts and changes with the game.
• Multiple game modes, including Time Trial, Zen and Classic Kasplat.
• Easy to play, hard to master with strategic positional play and color-combos.
• 15 game-changing powerups to unlock and upgrade.
• Awesome dart designs, backgrounds and color schemes to unlock.
• Daily splat rewards for sweet free loot.
• Leaderboards to track your high-score and compete with your friends.
• Earn in-game coins by completing and unlocking achievements.

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