Kingdom of Pirates – Cheats&Hack

By | July 13, 2021

Get Ready for the next level Pirate-themed Simulation-RPG! Train your pirate fleet of world heros, and start your miraculous Journey of Conquer!
Commencing on an immersive sea-going adventure, delving into the mystic ocean; build strong outposts, and discovering unknown islands. Handle all sorts of unexpected events, and complete new levels of challenges that are waiting for you to unload!
A Pirate’s life is not just about Pillage and Plundering, but also hang out and date beautiful woman! Go ahead and meet Maidens, interact with them, and find out the truth of happiness!
Don’t forget your descendants! The inheritance feature allows you to trial your descendants and make your empire even stronger! Pick a worthy successor to keep writing your own legend!
Fun PVP modes, exciting joint raids to fight against the World Boss, continuous crew recruitment to strengthen your outposts, as well as reliable Alliance growing, all of which will help you upgrade your Pirate Force! You will accumulate treasure hoards, construct battleships, explore relics, plunder merchant ships, subdue all legendary pirates in history and find your way to becoming a Pirate King!
**** Features ****
Exquisite revivifications of the 15th century seafaring adventures bring you back to the real Golden Age of Piracy!
A Strategy EDU-Simulation game where you train your Pirate fleet and flagships to defend your Empire! Keep your supremacy enduring and stay prosperous!
You will trigger a series of random events in Stages and Map. Then, you will expand various sea-routes and increase your plunder rates by unlocking more outposts. What are you waiting for? Come and complete all kinds of challenges that the Mystic Sea is waiting for you to unveil!
You are not alone! Your Maidens and descendants are waiting for you to take care of and they will reinforce your overall strength! Moreover, you will encounter all kinds of beauties from different Pirate Forces that are bonding to one of your Pirate Hero to make them stronger!
Choose your region before the adventure begins, and remember to recruit fellow Pirates and level them up to raise your influence.
**** Two regions for your selection ****
The Caribbean on the Bahamas route: If you could defy all the odds like Edward Teach dose, this sea area with collapsed and disordered legal systems will be your paradise.
The Mediterranean on the pan-Mediterranean Route: This sea area has been suffering continuous dispute for too long. Can you carry on Barbarossa’s will and revive the lost glory?