Kitten Hide N’ Seek: Neko Seeking Game Cheats&Hack

By | June 24, 2021

The favourited dog and cat-game – Hide and seek is back with a brand new adorable version: Kitten Hide N’ Seek: Neko Seeking game.

Kitten Hide N’ Seek: Neko Seeking Game, a classic peekaboo game, is famous not only among kids and girls but also people at all ages. You will experience the thrill while playing this peekaboo with the cat as the hider and the dog as the seeker. You goal in this cat-game is to help the neko successfully escape and reach their favourited food while avoiding getting caught by the puppy’s seeking.

How to play this cat-game:
– The cat will run straight to their favourite food
– Hold your finger on the screen to make the kitten stop and hide behind objects to escape
– Release your finger to keep the kitten running to escape

5 reasons why you should play Kitten Hide N’ Seek: Neko Seeking Game
– Adorable cat-game, loved by kids and girls
– A simple, free, fun and addictive peekaboo
– More than 100+ fascinating levels
– Customise your peekaboo dog and cat-game by choosing among various skins and decoration
– Available offline (if you want to support us, please turn on Wi-Fi to watch videos)

Looking for Hide and Seek game with adorable dog and cat for kids and girls? Download Kitten Hide N’ Seek: Neko Seeking Game to have great time with this exciting dog and cat-game.