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Авторы | Наурыз 24, 2023

My City Newborn baby is a game where you can create your own adventure and play out any story you want. Newborn Baby brings to My City real life locations such as the doctor office where mom goes for checkups, Baby store so the baby has everything it needs, Delivery room and even a place to celebrate the new family members. My City games are connected together, this means you can bring the babies home for an even bigger adventure!

Create your own newborn story
Perhaps you have a new brother or sister on the way, perhaps you just like babies because they are cute. With My City : Newborn baby you have all you need to create you next role play story adventure. Delivery room, Dr. Checkup office, baby store, hundreds of accessories and clothing. We have even added new strollers!

My City games are great for Kids aged 4-12 and even higher. Our games promote imagination and exploration.My City games are safe to play even when parents are out of the room.

Бірге ойнаңыз
We support multi-touch so kids can play together with friends and family on the same screen!

Ойынның ерекшеліктері:
Roleplay storytelling game for kids with real life locations such as Baby Hospital, Baby Store, Baby Dr. office, Celebration Hut.
New Characters you can use in other My City games and NEW clothing for pregnant moms!
Take pregnant mom to the hospital and in to the delivery room. Now close the curtain and see what happens!
New baby strollers added, visit the baby store to find them.
Surprises and gifts are hiding everywhere. Can you find the secret room?
Use the new subway to travel between My City streets
Check up Dr. office, customize your party and bring the baby home, super real roll playing game for kids!
A variety of characters to play with. Which one would you like to have?
Night Day option.
The game connects to other My City games, move characters, clothing and items between games as if they are one large game!

To Connect the game to other My City games you should:
1. Қолданбаларыңызды құрылғыға жүктеп алыңыз
2. Update your My City games

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