Path of Giants – Читтер&Хак

Авторы | Қараша 26, 2022

Path of Giants puts you in control of three explorers on their quest for a hidden treasure up an icy mountain. In this serene puzzle adventure game, each level will require you to use teamwork between the explorers to help them solve the puzzles!

** Official Selection for Seattle Indies Expo 2019 **
** Official Selection for DreamHack Atlanta Indie Playground 2019 – Best Casual **
** Official Selection for Magfest 2020 **

Each level is carefully designed and hand-crafted to create chillingly beautiful scenes, evoking a sense of calm as you explore this long forgotten area of the world.

So put on your thinking cap and join Bern, Matchi and Totch as they explore the frozen mountain and traverse the many puzzles in hopes of finding the lost treasure!


“Path of Giants is an incredibly well-made traversal puzzler that prioritizes player experience.” – 148Қолданбалар

“The atmosphere of the game, combined with the music, offers a serene experience and environment in which you can let your mind work out the puzzles you are presented with.”Blue Moon Game

“The game combines cute animations and sound effects with clever puzzles to offer a polished experience that’s a joy to play.”App Unwrapper

“Good Things Come in ThreesBest Games of the MonthAugust 2019”App Advice

“Games of the Week – The 5 best new games for iOSAugust 29th”Pocket Gamer


Play as three characters that help each other up and down platforms
Navigate using simple tap controls
Collect hidden relics
Solve more than 50 puzzles split into 13 levels in the original story
Continue their journey with the included Winterfest DLC – 4 new festive levels
Increasing difficulty as you progress through the game
Family friendly and was designed so anyone can easily pick it up and enjoy
Colorblind featurealternate character colors for better visibility
Controller support
Landscape capable


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