Пазл & Қорғаныс: Сәйкестік 3 Batt Cheats&Хак

Авторы | Желтоқсан 17, 2022

Grow various types of monsters and defeat the enemies!
Match puzzles and gain Mana!
Challenge against players from other countries in global battles!
You must apply strategy based on enemy’s special skills in order to achieve victory!

Collect resources by matching 5 types of Infinity Stones in Match3 Puzzle game.
Base can be upgraded to Lv. 5 and fires special missiles.
Challenge global players with your unique team of monsters in the global battle.
There are numerous monsters with unique skills.
You can strengthen your monsters by leveling up, upgrading, awakening, and transcending.
There are various researches available in the Lab to enhance power and battle capacity.
Countless stages are available in 3 modes: Қалыпты, Қатты, Hell
The game supports Auto-Battle and Fast Battle.
There are daily missions and various achievements.
The game supports Achievements and Leaderboard.
Supports multiple languages: корей, жапон, Chines Simplified, Chinese Tradition, португал тілі, испан, индонезиялық, Француз, неміс, итальян, орыс, тай, вьетнамдық.

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