Stick Hero: Mighty Tower Wars Cheats&Хак

Авторы | Сәуір 30, 2022

Prepare yourself to fight top battles, defeat monsters and enemies. Earn gold and charge power on your way, become mighty and build your tower as high as you can. A princess needs your help, a treasure awaitsMerging and Wiping out the enemies in the war of heroes, level up to ашу countless customizable skins !!

Stick Hero: Mighty Tower Wars is not just a basic merging and combining game. You have to think before every drag and drop, calculate every move, use your brain to strategize your next action before so many enemiesThe further you go, the harder the puzzles will get. Do you think how far can you go?

Role-playing strategy game
Move your character intelligently to level up, get loot, defeat enemies and go as far as you can.
Leveling up, upgrading weapons and becoming mighty.
Come up with your perfect strategy to win and unlock various gorgeous skins.

Infinite number of levels to challenge
Beautiful visuals and various customizable characters.
Level up your hero!
Fast-paced innovative battle system. Real strategy and tactics!

Feeling thrilled? Excited? Come and join the tower battle in Stick Hero: Mighty Tower Wars !