Witch & Мысықтар – Сәйкестік 3 Пазл Cheats&Хак

Авторы | Тамыз 19, 2022

Launching a new match-3 puzzle game! Rosy the cute witch and her cats are waiting for you!

Welcome to Witch & Мысықтар! Swipe blocks, solve match-3 puzzle and help Witch Rosy decorate her castle. An exciting adventure is calling you!

We have thousands of challenging match-3 puzzle waiting for you to play with Witch Rosy and various adorable cats! On this fun journey, you will solve exciting match-3 puzzles, receive stars for unlocking new areas, decorate Witch Rosy’s house and get extra boosters to continue your story. Also you can enjoy various events. Fun and challenging never ends and you will never have a dull moment in Witch & Мысықтар.

Witch & Cats is no wifi neededinternet free.

The witch Rosy needs a big castle for stray cat, and she needs stars power to make her castle! Solve the match-3 puzzle to gain star power!

Enjoy the match-3 puzzle with your lovely cats, and with powerful items, you can easily break through the difficult match-3 puzzle! The power of the stars is hidden in the match-3 puzzle!

Jump into the adventure and play now! We have lots of magical puzzles to enjoy. Each new episode comes with free coins, helpful boosters, surprising awards, challenging tasks, wonderful areas and cute cats.

Characteristics of this Match-3 Puzzle Game
A unique match-3 gameplay and fun levels for both masters and new match-3 players!
Ашу and blast powerful boosters!
Collect loads of coins and special treasures in bonus levels!
Watch out for obstacles on the road such as bats, boxes, сусындар, magic hats, safes, ghost dolls and pumpkins!
Open amazing chests for a chance to win coins, boosters, unlimited life and power-ups!
Explore the new rooms, ас үй, laboratory and many more exciting areas in Witch Rosy’s castle!
Discover the new cats, including the Russian Blue, British Shorthair, Siamese and many other sweet cats!
Decorate the areas, including the bedroom, ас үй, livingroom and many other amazing rooms!

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Download now and start swapping for endless fun.

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