Living Legends: Crystal Tear – បោក&Hack

TRY FEW SCENES FOR FREE, AND THEN ដោះសោ THE FULL ADVENTURE IN THE GAME ! Living Legends: The Crystal Tear is an adventure game with lots of hidden objects, mini-games & puzzles to solve from Friendly Fox Studio. Are you a crazy fan of mystery, ល្បែងផ្គុំរូប & ល្បែងខួរក្បាល? Then Living Legends: The Crystal Tear… អាន​បន្ថែម »

Mad Skills Snocross – បោក&Hack

Experience the awesome thrill of snowmobile racing with Mad Skills Snocross, an intense racing game for all ages. Mad Skills Snocross features: * Eight customizable sleds, with more on the way* Amazing snowmobile physics* More than 100 challenging snocross tracks* A variety of fun terrain types* Wild Daily Dash races every day* Online play against… អាន​បន្ថែម »

Vainglory – បោក&Hack

Vainglory is an award winning free-to-play cross-platform MOBA with the strategic depth and mechanical skill that you’d expect from a PC title, but playable with your friends anywhere on any device. Featuring incredible graphics, precision controls and competitive gameplay parity across all platforms, Vainglory lets you party with your friends and match up with players… អាន​បន្ថែម »

Mafia World: Bloody War – បោក&Hack

Rivalries between gangs have intensified during the recent months since the Godfather’s disappearance. As the sole heir, you rush to restore the stability of the Ferraro family. To consolidate your power, you will employ the city’s fiercest Capos to run your underground business, leading your henchmen to seize control of SinCity! Starting now, you must… អាន​បន្ថែម »

Papa’s Pizzeria HD – បោក&Hack

កំពូល, ដុត, and serve seasonal pizzas in Papa’s Pizzeria HD! — អំពីហ្គេម — Things get messy when you’re left in charge of Papa Louie’s wildly popular pizza parlor! You’ll be busy in the pizzeria as you ដោះសោ a wide array of toppings, crusts, and sauces for new seasonal pizzas as well as all-time… អាន​បន្ថែម »

Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games – បោក&Hack

A new undead plague has begun. Use your sniper rifle to shoot zombies, save innocent people and stop the apocalypse. Enjoy this zombie ហ្គេមបាញ់ប្រហារ hunting and killing enemies. Know your target and become the last hope in the war. Zombie Hunter is a realistic and funny fps game. Play dozens of levels in different… អាន​បន្ថែម »

Wild Arena Survivors – បោក&Hack

Join the wildest battle royale! Choose your Survivor to fight in fast-paced battles with 40 players on one map! Explore an exotic island for resources to make you stronger, defend yourself against wild animals and fight other players to win! Welcome to the Wild Call festival! A criminal madman billionaire is hosting a cultural festival… អាន​បន្ថែម »

Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing – បោក&Hack

រួចរាល់, set, RUN! Welcome to Battle Run! The adrenaline-pumping party racing game loved by millions of fans is back! From the studio behind Tap Titans 2 and the popular Beat The Boss franchise, comes the return of long-awaited and fan-favourite real-time running multiplayer gameBattle Run! Escape wicked rockets, evade spinning axes, and navigate… អាន​បន្ថែម »

Build a VillageCity Town Cheats&Hack

Build your own city in this free village to city builder game. If you liked the early village building sim games and Village City Island Sim 1, you will definitely love this next village building tycoon simulation game, build as you wish! You’ll be the tycoon to grow a small village on one island into… អាន​បន្ថែម »

Eversoul – បោក&Hack

Collect beautiful Souls and enjoy a stunning visual RPG! [ លក្ខណៈពិសេស ] ◌ SUMMON UNIQUE SOULS ◌ ■ Summon myriads of beautifully crafted Souls from 6 different factions, each with their own exclusive skills and battle animations, and form your optimum Soul squad. ◌ STRATEGIZE EPIC BATTLES ◌ ■ Master faction advantages, harness party buffs,… អាន​បន្ថែម »