Fleet Command 3D – បោក&Hack

ដោយ | សីហា 9, 2022

Start an exciting naval adventure in Fleet Command 3D! Increase your power by producing different warships, defending your base and occupying other players’ bases. You will become the overlord of the ocean!

Carefully plan the development of your base by arranging Command Center, Accessory, Research Center, Military Academy and Shipyard to customize it.

Take advantage of various warships including battleships, submarines, cruisers and carriers and make your fleet! Show you power in different events like Alliance War, Exploration Route, Ranked Match and Supply Center.

Fight alone or join an Alliance? Alliance Technology will enhance your warships and alliance mates can send fleets to garrison your base.

Thousands of bases are located in the world map. Be prepared and defend your base!

If you come across any issues, please reach us via following contacts.

អ៊ីមែល: EN-3D@movga.com
ហ្វេសប៊ុក: https://www.facebook.com/flottenkommando3d