Knights of Ages:Turnbased SRPG – Cheats&Hack

By | December 20, 2022

In the vast Galtian Continent, where the sun rises first, heroes stopped the invasion of the barbarians, founded the six peaceful and prosperous kingdoms, and left the immortal epics.

As time goes by, the original vows are forgotten by the rulers, and the continent is sunk into war fire again. During the chaos, seize the chance to be a tyrant of the continent, or loyal to the knight’s norm, save the innocent what is your choice? !

[About the game]
* Turn-based SRPG.
* Each character will die finally. Marry, raise children, worship ancestors, and inherit your family bloodline for ages.
* Various formations with different faces, talents, professions, skills, equipments, houses, countries, races, etc.
* Attractive stories led by your choices.
* Hundreds of challenging tasks.
* Conquer and rule your castles.
* Lead your mercenaries to defeat enemies.
* Do business around the continent.
* Experience the culture and customs of the grand Continent of Galtian.
* Cooperate with other players to capture forts and share trophies, or PvP in arenas.

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