Friday Night Funkin Sky 캐릭터 테스트 요령&마구 자르기

으로 | 할 수있다 31, 2021

Shannon Sunday의 비디오에서 영감을 얻었습니다., presenting FNF Sky Character Test! I wasn’t sure if I was going to do Friday Night Funkin mods or not, but because I got so many request on my last character test I couldn’t say no. This one is dedicated to Trixie Chan, Yumeko, and everyone else who wanted a Sky character test. I hope you enjoy!

I actually had not heard about Sky until you all mentioned her. Let me just take a second to say how cool this mod is! The amount of art that goes into the second song alone is incredible. I can tell bbpanzu puts a lot of pride in their work.

This app wouldn’t be possible without the amazing ninjamuffin99. Sky’s art, animations and voice is by bbpanzu. Character design by bfswifeforever. Art by evilsk8r.