Police Inc: Tycoon police stat Cheats&마구 자르기

으로 | 행진 24, 2023

범죄와 싸우다, chase thief’s and pursuit criminals with sirens is what cops do! Police Inc lets you build and manage your own police station.

◆ Classic tycoon game ◆
• Build and upgrade departments like a jail or 911 control room.
• Hire staff and train police officers in the police academy.

◆ Idle gameplay elements ◆
• Finish missions and idle cold cases while the game is not active.

◆ Cops game full of action ◆
• City patrol will protect your streets and arrest bandits to keep the peace in your city.
• SWAT units will raid drug labs and rescue people.
• Helicopters will help to intercept race cars.
• Send out detectives to investigate murder cases.

◆ Manage inventory ◆
• Equip machine guns, tasers or snipers to beat rebels.

This is the police game to give a try! The best FREE police tycoon simulation game available!