Guardian the Sea: Pirates Cheats атуу&Hack

By | Февраль 21, 2021

Бул сырткары Жаңы FPS оюну!

Сиз мыкты FPS оюну менен деңиздин акырына чейин чечим Коргоо Ops оюнунун татаал этаптары. Сиздин атуу чеберчилигин көрсөтүүгө убакыт келди.

Бул оффлайн атуу оюну ФПСтин Коргоо Миссияларын эң мыкты ок атуу оюндарын түзүүгө негизделген.

This is an action survival shooter war game. You are one of the elite guardians of the sea to guard your cruise ship. Take out the enemy. Show them some marksman skills.


If you want to play offline fps game, then you can enjoy this call of war story with offline fps shooter experience in this Guardian on the Sea: Shooting Pirates
. Great realistic sounds effects, compelling graphics and high AI of enemy in this mobile FPS shooter game.

> Awesome CONTROLS:

Awesome controls in this FPS game. All you need is just aim, press trigger and shoot all the dangerous enemy.

> Variety of ARSENAL:

Unique modern weapons to choose, unlock new sniper rifles and then use them in next stages.


The enemies you face are extremely dangerous, some of them are even highly trained special forces. Show them the marksman shooting skills with most compelling and challenging mission.
Watch out for hostile boats, do not let them get too close!