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By | Февраль 27, 2022

Papa’s Burgeria is now available to play on the go, with gameplay and controls reimagined for Android phones. Grill, стек, and serve burgers in a brand-new way!

You’re left in charge of Papa Louie’s famous Burgeria, where you’ll learn to take orders, grill patties, add toppings, and serve burgers to all of your crazy customers. You need to multitask between each area of the restaurant, with new controls that feel just right in the palm of your hand: Head to the Order Station to keep an eye out for customers waiting in the lobby. Switch to the Grill Station to drag patties onto the grill and flip burgers to cook them evenly. Jump to the Build Station to carefully craft your sandwiches with toppings and sauces exactly how they ordered, and deliver the finished burger to earn points and tips!

Each Station is a hands-on experience, кайда сүйрөө керек болот, серпүү, and tap your way through the burger-building process. With full multi-touch support, the process is more fun than ever before! Tap many burgers at once to flip them all on the grill, or keep one finger on the Build Station’s bin slider for even better precision when building.

Көбүрөөк упай топтоп, деңгээлиңизди көтөрүү үчүн кардарларыңызды кубандырыңыз. Сиздин деңгээлиңиз көтөрүлгөн сайын, you’ll кулпусун ачуу new toppings in the shop, and new customers will start visiting the Burgeria! Papa’s Burgeria To Go also features unlockable toppings that aren’t available in previous versions!


Papa’s Burgeria To Go is redesigned and reimagined for smaller screens, so your fingers won’t get in the way of the action!

БАШ бармактарыңар менен башкаргыла – Сиз экрандын бурчтарындагы баскычтарды колдонуп станцияларды которуштурууга болот, баш бармактарыңыз үчүн идеалдуу. Use buttons in the top corners to switch Order Tickets without having to drag them back and forth. You can also view all of your Order Tickets in a zoomed-in mode for easy reading.

GRILL STATIONWe’ve made keeping track of your burgers easier than ever, with Timers stuck in each burger patty that you can read at a glance, showing the cooking time and how each side is cooked. You can also buy Alarms in the Shop to add onto each Timer, so you’ll get an alert when it’s time to flip or remove a burger. With multi-touch support, you can quickly flip and remove burgers by using multiple fingers. Try a triple-tap to flip three patties in a row!

BUILD STATIONWith a traditional drag-and-drop system, your finger would block your view, so we’ve completely changed the Build Station to work on smaller screens. You’ll swipe a carousel of Topping Bins across the top of the screen, and slide it carefully to line up toppings with the burger below. Simply tap on the bottom of the screen to drop a topping from the bin above! You can also tap a button to swap your Topping Bins with Burger Bins, which hold all of the patties you’ve cooked on the grill. And with full multi-touch support, you can keep one finger sliding the bins and another tapping on the bottom of the screen, so stacking burgers is a breeze!


Hands-on burger shop game in the Papa Louie universe
– Бардык жаңы башкаруу элементтери жана ойноо кичинекей экрандар үчүн иштелип чыккан
Multi-task between grilling, stacking, and serving
Shop to buy upgrades using your in-game tips
– Бүттү 60 кардарлар уникалдуу заказдар менен кулпусун ачуу үчүн
– Тамак-ашка сынчы
– Бүттү 50 алуу үчүн оюндагы жетишкендиктер


Papa’s Burgeria To Go is designed especially for smaller screens. If you’re looking for large-screen gameplay, check out the originalPapa’s Burgeriafor Android!