Huggy Survival Horror Playtime – defraudat&Hack

a | Ianuarii 22, 2022
Huggy has joined the game! 🔑🔑🔑

It Huggy , Poppy and Wuggy team VS crewmate and imposter.

The long-waited huggy has set foot on the crewmate spaceship and can’t wait to eat them all.
Now the imposter is not a threat anymore and has to join with crewmate to escape from the huggy alien.
You now have to choose: whether become an imposter to run and hide from the scary monster or transform into Huggy to hunt all of the impostor spaceship members. By the time-limited challenge is ended, if huggy eliminate all crewmate, it will win and go for another room to kill the rest. ⏱⏱

Be quick and fast. You don’t have much time to hide and run so don’t help others. Poppy can seek and kill you in a blink.

Ludus Feature
– Facile est ludere cum uno digito tantum: Seek your prey!
– Duo modos ludens: Celare vel quaerite.
– Sine fine campester cum lots of fun.
– PERICULOSUS tempus limited lusorum.
Full box of skins to unlock.

Occultare n ludi tempus quaerendi apud Huggy Wuggy et famosum Impostorem. Join the unique game right now and experience a full package of fun!

DOWNLOAD GRATUITO! Huggy Wuggy is coming for you.🎃🎃🎃