Call of Duty®: ມືຖື – Garena Cheats&Hack

ໂດຍ | ມີນາ 28, 2023

1. New Season Content! Move to the rhythm of the battlefield!
2. New HDR Sniper Rifle with unparalleled firepower!
3. Legendary Ranked Feature: Blueprint-Refactoring.
4. Switch up your tunes with the New Function: Dueling Lobby Music!
5. Your Safe House is a window to your soul!
6. Feel the “ຟ້າວ”! Paint the town red with this beloved Paintball-inspired Map!
7. New Season Elite Mission Rewards! Legendary Main Weapon up for grabs!
8. Meet Wheelson, the not so friendly remote-controlled tank, check it out as a newScorestreakthis season!

Drop the beat in Call of Duty®: Mobile Season 3: RUSH!

[New Sniper Rifle: HDR]
The HDR is second to none, overpower your enemies in any situation.

[New Legendary Ranked Feature: Blueprint-Refactoring]
Legendary Ranked players can earn tokens after each match to claim Ranked Rewards from previous Seasons.

[New Audio Feature: Dueling Lobby Music]
Customize your BGM with music from the Mythic Weapons or Soldiers you already own!

[New Feature: Safe House]
Safe House is an improved take on the Arsenal feature to encourage players to showcase their favorite kit.

[New Map: ຟ້າວ]
Take cover on the Paintball-inspired battlefield with your friends!

[New Scorestreak: Wheelson]
Wheelson, the small remote-controlled tank with impressive firepower can dominate objectives.

[New Elite Mission Rewards]
We’ve added a Legendary main weapon that’s unique to other events. It’s a reward for those who meet the conditions at the end of the last Season of the year. Stay tuned for more details in the future!