Love is… in small things Cheats&Hack

By | September 2, 2022

🏝️Stress-free, the emotional healing art game

“Love is… in small things” is a hidden object game that conveys the emotional healing art game.

Artist ‘Puuung’, the most representative star illustrator meets the game.

🌈Meeting hidden objects and coloring

Watch the original work and find hidden pictures.

The paint spreads from your fingertips through the color-smearing art effect, completing a beautiful illustration.

You can enjoy beautiful hand-drawn illustrations with 30+ chapters and 300+ levels.

While viewing the artwork, find various hidden pictures such as objects, hearts, numbers, and alphabets.

🎯 Unplugged Puuung’s original music, including piano, classical guitar, etc.

Immerse yourself in a lovely story with animated clips provided for each chapter.

You can enjoy a sweet unplugged OST composed of piano and acoustic guitar melodies through the provided music content.

Enjoy the game and listen to the beautiful love story of the two main characters.

◆ Game Features
– Simple and easy gameplay
– New experience of color smearing art effect
– Beautiful animations that warm your heart
– Easy to play with finger zoom
– Sweet melody with OST
– Zero stress emotional healing art game

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