Lovey-Buddy – Avatar Cooking – Cheats&Hack

By | July 31, 2023

The Appetizing Avatar World, LOVEY-BUDDY

Create your own virtual 3D avatar & spend a second life with friends in a lovely and fantastic restaurant!

In this social virtual world, you can style your avatar fashion or design your own restaurant, invite friends to your restaurant, Open private chat room or roleplay. Head out to square and meet new random friends from all over the world and enjoy special events and community game such as Avatar fashion contest, bingo, fishing, etc.


Let’s play together with friends from around the world!
-Create your own 3D avatar, play games or social activities in this second life.
-Be a stylist, chef, celebrity! Make your own life in the virtual universe.
-Invite and chat with your friends. Enjoy role play!
-Or just follow the chapter, discover the secret story in the island

BE A STYLIST – Style your own avatar’s fashion
-Get dressed, put on makeup, wear avatar accessories. Discover your unique avatar style!
-Over 3,000 of unique clothing, shoes, cosmetic, accessories of avatar and pets are waiting for you.
-Makeover your virtual avatar and head out to plaza, Show off your avatar style.
-In the Virtual Avatar Fashion Contest, Compete with other stylist and win awards!

BE A CHEF – Design your own restaurant, just like tycoon game.
-Can you believe it? The restaurant with a large garden is yours!
-Just like tycoon game, Design your restaurant. Cook and sell your dishes.
-Craft over 1,000 with of building, furniture, tile, item with a variety of themes such as Cute, Nature, Horror, Magic, School, etc
-Also, you can invite your friend to your restaurant like chat room, rec room.

BE A FRIEND – Meet new friends & have a virtual party
-Invite your friends to your private space, restaurant. And share your cooking
-The private chat room you want to hide, the secret roleplay you dreamed of is now an option.
-Share your thoughts and photos with your friends on your blog.

BE A CELEBRITY – Various virtual social community games
-Attend weekly avatar fashion contests to share your style and receive rewards.
-Get a treasure by playing a virtual fishing game. Compete with others in Bingo

▶ Required Permission
1) Permission Used for Storage Access: download additional resources, Save photos

* If your device is Android 6.0 and later:
– Withdrawal by Access: Device Settings > Apps > More (Settings and Controls) > App Permissions > Select app permissions > Accept or Withdraw Access
– Withdrawal by App: Device Settings > App > Select the app > Select Permissions > Accept or Withdraw Access

* Android 6.0 and below:
Due to the nature of the operating system, it is impossible to withdraw per access right, so it can be withdrawn only if you delete the app. We recommend that you upgrade the Android version to 6.0 or later.