Clicker Caper – Cheats&Hack

Iki | Kovas 23, 2022

Clicker Caper is a fun new idle heist adventure! Get a crew, grab the money, and get out without getting caught!

Recruit a team of experts, each with their own skills and abilities. Infiltrate casinos, banks, and other fantastic locations. Keep an eye out for the Big Score!

Only a master thief can pull off a job like this!

Hire a team!
Gather your crew for the ultimate heist. Upgrade your cast of characters to make them better, faster, stronger!

Set ‘em up!
Station your team in the right spot at the right time. Have your Lookout watch your back. Let your Disguise guy cause a distraction. Your Driver will keep the engine running for a quick escape!

Equip your crew with the right tool for the right job. Improve their skills to make the job go as easy as it can.

When everything clicks, the job is a cinch! Let the cash roll in while you’re offline!

Clicker Caper is a free-to-play game but does include in-app items that can be purchased with real currency.