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By | March 17, 2023

Math games for kids: addition, subtraction, multiplication and numbers. All in one!

With the learning games of Math Land, kids will learn math while enjoying a real adventure packed with action and educational math games.

Math Land is an educational video game for children and adults. With it they will learn and obtain reinforcement for the main math operations— addition, subtraction, multiplication, and numbers.
It is not just a math app— it’s a real educational adventure!


An evil pirate, Max, has stolen the sacred gems and has cursed the islands filling them with obstacles and traps. Help Ray, our pirate, find the gems and restore the natural order of things. Navigate your ship through the seas to get them, but remember: you will need a spyglass to discover new islands.
Solve fun math games to get them. The islanders need you!


Have fun with over 25 levels and negotiate all kinds of obstacles in order to get to the chest that holds the gem. It will be a real adventure—you’ll have to deal with quicksand, bewitched parrots, volcanoes with lava, puzzle games, magic doors, funny carnivorous plants, etc. It will surprise you!


For kids aged 5-6:
* Learning to add and subtract with very small numbers and amounts (quantities from of 1 to 10).
* Sorting numbers from higher to lower.
* Reinforcing mental math arithmetic with already learned addition and subtraction drills.

For kids aged 7-8:
* Learning addition and subtraction with larger numbers and amounts ( quantities from of 1 to 20).
* Getting started on learning multiplication tables (the learning will be done gradually in order to track the children’s progress).
* Sorting numbers from higher to lower (1 to 50).
* Kids develop their mental arithmetic.

For children aged 9+ and adults:
* More complex addition and subtraction drills, teaching mental association of numbers with different arithmetic strategies.
* Reinforcing the learning of all times tables.
* Sorting numbers from higher to lower and vice versa, including negative numbers.
* Learning math drills with negative numbers.


Our development studio, Didactoons, has extensive experience in developing educational apps and cool math games for kids that combine learning and fun.

So don’t miss it—download the educational game Math Land!


Company: Didactoons
Educational video game: Math Land
Recommended age: kids aged 5+ and adults