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By | August 5, 2022

“Piggy Maze Runner” is a collection of 90 maze levels for young children, along with a delightful fairytale storyline. Piglet is on a super mission, he needs to save the pretty princess by solving different labyrinth puzzles. He could really use your help to find the way out of the puzzle and confront the strong wolf or the scary dragon. There’s a plot twist though. He needs to play the Rock-paper-scissors game and win – in order to defeat the opponent and save the lovely princess, Miss Piggy.

This is a great logical game filled with labyrinths of increasing difficulty for kids. It is fun, challenging and engaging. This free game is based on a classic game that we all know and love – a family board game for kids of all ages. Are you ready for a challenge with this brain training game? Develop your skills in strategizing, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, problem solving and more!

* A simplified gameplay appropriate for children – just drag your finger from the start point into the direction that you want to move the Piggy and see as he goes on to the next intersection and waits for your clue again.
* Three levels of difficulty for children of all ages – easy, medium and hard with a total of 90 levels to play through.
* Awesome cartoon design of labyrinths with challenging volcanoes and flying birds, that are trying to make your mission very difficult.
* Best for helping kids build shape and pattern recognition, cognitive skill and fine motor skills.
* An enjoyable learning experience for kids and toddlers with vivid colors, funny sound effects and hilarious cartoon animations.

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