Merge Legends: Dragon Island – Cheats&Hack

By | August 10, 2023

Welcome to Merge Legends! Here, you will explore a magical wonderland and write your own merge story!

In this magical world, anything can be merged, whether it’s wood, plants, treasures, magical flowers, buildings, or even mythical creatures. Combine the same pieces by matching and merging to get more advanced and powerful things.

Collect a certain number of windmills through synthesis, dispel the fog of the Merge Legends continent, and expand the territory!

— Mysterious Island —
This is the mysterious Dragon Island composed of six continents: Yalf Island, Warner Islands, Muspel Island, Nifl Island, Midgard and Forgotten Beach. Collect a certain number of windmills through synthesis to dispel the fog on the island. Expand the land and discover more surprises!

— Unique Character —
You have descended on this dragon island as a new god. At the same time, there are dwarf but hard-working goblins, and food fanatics, dragons. The three races of you will live together on this continent and write your legends.

— Game Features —
• 3 identical items can be combined into 1 higher level item
• 5 identical items can be combined into 2 higher-level items
• Easy to play, just swipe to complete all operations
• 13 different types of dragons for players to unlock and feed
• Over 60 kinds of delicacies can be made to satisfy different dragons
• More than 500 different items to merge and upgrade
• 8 different series of items for players to explore and discover

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