Merge Stories – Merge Games Cheats&Hack

By | November 6, 2021

Merge. Build. Raid. – Do You Have What It Takes to Compete in one of the Best Merge Games online? Go on thrilling quests and raid enemy lands! MATCH and MERGE anything and everything to build EPIC kingdoms in this sweet merge game.

Play Merge Stories – the coolest new merge game where thrilling raids bring you closer to building and expanding your land! Merge, build, and rule one of the best merge games online, from the creators of Board Kings!
Your quest story will take you to lands end as you merge barrels and cool resources. Build units, defeat the enemies and expand your lands! Treasures abound in this empire building puzzle adventure! Get to merging and match your way to the top!

Test your skills and embark on your Merge Story to become the best EVER merge game champion! The merge and match possibilities are endless. Just use your best merge strategy – match, combine, and build your own world!

Let’s get merging!
Merge, build, and raid in this free merge adventure game with a building game twist!
Open barrels to gain cool new resources, special items, weapons and gems!
Rule this merging game! Merge objects, resources, and decorations to build units and discover advanced units in your quest story!
Merge to train your army! Merge units and soldiers to create a powerful army, ready to raid!
Power-up with merged objects! Combine special items together to unlock stronger units!
Collect and merge coins and gems! Use these sweet coins to upgrade your land!
Discover endless match and merge combinations – Celebrate successful merges and explore new merge puzzle quests in this empire building adventure!
Unlock new characters as you merge and build your bigger than ever Merge Empire!

Prepare for battle! Defend your territory! Merge and match to equip your soldiers and protect your kingdom! Prove yourself in the best EVER merge game!

Build Up Your Land!
Call to arms! Build up your land as you add cool new units and items. Use your merged resources to build and expand your land. The more you build, the stronger your Kingdom will be!

Start building your land! Crack open barrels, each filled with world-building items, weapons, and units.
Collect, loot, and merge magical resources as you build – use your resources to upgrade your land!
Complete building quests to upgrade and strengthen your Kingdom!
Your land expands as you upgrade it – which means bigger merges, more barrels, better units, cooler items…and bigger battles! it’s a never ending puzzle adventure!
Expand your empire by matching, merging, and building up your land
Protect your Kingdom! Merge to build up your defense and assemble a powerful army to protect your land!
Place your castle and defense buildings wisely!
Decorate your Kingdom by merging decorative items into amazing, valuable wonders!

Plan your merge strategy – build up your army, destroy enemy buildings, and gain special items! When your units are ready, it’s time to prepare for battle…defend your land from raiders…and attack! Ready to raid? Battle your enemies and become the raid leader in one of the best merge raid games! Gain lots of loot and collect bonuses!
Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the merge magic flow through you. Now MERGE. BUILD. RAID!

It’s Time to Battle!
Prepare to raid! Turn your merge strategy game on to gain more loot and grow your Kingdom faster!
Once your army is strong and ready, raid to glory!
Set sail to raid, loot, and expand your land!
Rank up to win great rewards, collect bonuses, and climb the leader boards!

Let the merge games commence! Have building games ever been this fun?