Dungeon Princess 2 : Offline Dungeon RPG Cheats&Hack

ny | Aogositra 12, 2022

Command a princess, and her subjects, as they head towards the deepest parts of a Dungeon.
Rogue-like type real-time turn-based action RPG game.

[Special features of the game]
-mihazakaza-dava 100% manual combat system.
-Combat system that looks turn-based but takes place in real-time
Appearance changes depending on weapons applied. (ny 1,000 different weapons)
Fun of applying matching sets of armor. (ny 50 types of Armor sets)
– ny 150 types of character costumes / Hairstyles / Headgear skin
– ny 50 characters with distinctive voices
– ny 200 types of various Artifacts

Download it if you’re looking for unique battles.

Difference between paid/free ver.: Ad-free

Developer : ssico8909@gmail.com