Guitar Girl – mangalatra&Hack

ny | ny diabe 19, 2023

I want to make people happy with my music.
Although I’m shy and unsure of myself,
I’ll do my best to fulfill this dream!

Guitar Girl is a game where you can relax to soothing guitar music.
Start social media in Guitar Girl’s room to acquire followers
and spread Guitar Girl’s music to many more people.

Through social interactions and inner growth,
you’ll soon be able to see her perform on the streets and even the beach.
Help her gain the courage to go out into the world 🙂

At Guitar Girl’s Social Media Channel, ianao dia afaka…
Enjoy peaceful soothing guitar music.
Play the guitar by simply tapping on the screen.
– “Likeson Guitar Girl’s social media will encourage and help her grow.
Grow a fanbase and level up guitar skills to receive moreLikes”.
How are you feeling today? Express today’s mood with various different outfits and guitars.
Decorate Guitar Girl’s room with cute decor.
Once Guitar Girl gets better at playing the guitar, she’ll receive encores from her followers!

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