Mind games for adults: Triblok Cheats&Hack

ny | Aogositra 30, 2022

Discover for free one of the best block puzzles game and mind games app.

With just a few touches, you can clear the line and rack up points for creating combos. Do you have what it takes to beat the high score?

Triblok is the triangle version of Spaceblok, with triangles!

Experiment this unique addicting game which will improve your focus and concentration ability and increase your IQ. Triblok is also a great time killing game.

The puzzles are loved by all fans of brain games for adults, number logic puzzles, hard riddles, mind benders. They practice their logical thinking with it.


Two challenging game modes increasing your IQ, training your mental ability:

Classic:Tsy misy fe-potoana. Block puzzles are designed to relax you. This is a good way to kill time and stimulate your reasoning at the same time.

velona: Place the puzzle blocks you’ll need to clear the line from the bomb. This is an addictively fun game that will keep you entertained for hours and get you thinking about new solutions!


Enjoy one of the best focus and concentration games, which is good also for memory improvement.


Block puzzles are free to play and can be played offline, but contains ads appearing between some games.
You can easily buy « Premium » and get the most fluid and enjoyable experience without these ads. You will also support the work of the indie-developer who conceived Triblok.