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ny | Janoary 17, 2022
💫 Spin A SpellEarn Magic Coins💫
Restore your own Magic Mansion in the Colorful World of Spin A Spell!
Ankafizo ireo endri-javatra ireo:
Cast Spells to Attack and Steal from Friends
Choose your Pets and use their Ultimate Pet Skills
Earn Coins to decorate the Magic Mansion
Design your own unique Gardens
Play with friends to compete in the Magic Tournament!

Selina is suddenly teleported to restore the Magic Mansion. Her new adventure is fraught with dangers, mysteries and handsome wizards. With her trusted pet companion Fluffy to guide her, can Selina become the Master of the Great Magic Tournament?

Use Spells on Fellow Wizards!
🔮 Learn to Cast New Spells to restore the gardens and uncover the secrets hiding within. Design your own Magic Mansion with the flick of your wand. The more gardens you explore the more spells you can learn to fight for the Great Magic Tournament!

Attack and Steal from Friends!
⚡ Use special slot spells to attack your wizard friends! Turn them into frogs or mummies, or simply attack and steal to collect their coins. But beware of incoming attacks, spin to earn Shields and protect your coins.

Boost Pets Skills!
🐾 Explore the Magic Mansion and collect your favorite Pets. Each new pet has a special skill with free spins to earn a Super Bonus. Use pet food to level up and boost your pets to increase the bonus rewards.

Angony ny karatra rehetra!
🎁 Spin to Win treasure chests of coins, and magic cards. Collect all the cards in the set to Win powerful rewards. With each new garden you decorate, mbola ho lehibe kokoa ny valisoa apetrakao.

Play with friends!
Join a fun new community of friends in 2021.
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