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Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest – mangalatra&Hack

▶ A Casual Fantasy MMO, Dragon Siege! The legendary dragon egg fell on the peaceful continent of Dragonia?! Start an exciting adventure at the Fantasy World, Dragonia! Expand your village, farm and harvest resources, and battle other players! ▶ Build Your Own Castle, My Lord! Just another MMO War Game? Think again! Cultivate and develop… Hamaky bebe kokoa »

RaptureWorld Conquest – mangalatra&Hack

The End is coming! Bombard the globe with devastating miracles and decimate the enemy civilizations. Guide swarms of armies to dominate the planet and catch your people up to heaven! fifadian-kanina, frantic, global population annihilation! ==================== Features– Fast, simple RTS gameplay – squeezing 3000 years of civilization into a 5 minute blitz– 12 devastating miracles… Hamaky bebe kokoa »

Tower Conquest: Tower Defense – mangalatra&Hack

Venture into the world of Tower Conquest in your search for eternal glory! Recruit and evolve the perfect army to go into battle and destroy opposing towers. Explore endless worlds and defeat enemies to earn treasure, increase your strength, and dominate the Player Leagues in this exciting strategy game! Fomba fiasa amin'ny lalao:● Five separate factions comprised… Hamaky bebe kokoa »

Dynasty Origins: handresy – mangalatra&Hack

Dynasty Origins: Conquest is the newest 「Dynasty Origins」 work by Youzu Games. With a customizable 4×4 layout, new outstanding generals and alliances, command and conquer your way to the throne! 【Customize Your Formation】Customize your formation, and strategize before battles! A new 4×4 layout that subverts traditional card strategies is here. Ao amin'ity lalao ity, the Three… Hamaky bebe kokoa »

Ady amin'ny tilikambo – Fetsy fandresen'ny taktika&Hack

BEAUTIFULLY SYMMETRICAL WARFARE! 🪖 Turn the tide and win the war in this elegantly simple casual tactics game that’s guaranteed to appeal to all armchair commanders and pocket Napoleons. Head into battle with a single 👉 swipe and watch your little warriors eliminate the enemy, allocating your cute little forces with skill and precision to… Hamaky bebe kokoa »