Huggy Game: 456 Te oranga – Tinihangatia&Hack

Na | Hanuere 28, 2022

Can’t you image two super cool and horror games in one title ❓❓❓

Octopus Challenge 🦑 VS Poppy Playzone 👿

Believe me 😉 This game will be the best answer for your question

Huggy Game: 456 Te oranga continue Chapter 2 – Escape from Squid Factory, Huggy Squad is now in nowhere to go but have to win all games in Squid Factory and get out. That is ONLY WAY to survive.

And you will be the one who help Huggy, Kissy and all other toys escape from Horror Nightmare of this crazy toy factory. Let’s get ready and RUN

Do you feel thrilled? A unbelievable game are now available on you smartphone then don’t hesitate to click on install button. Our Huggy Game will bring you into the world of fun and joy. One small note for you and your friend while playing, make right decision before you go or you will DIE

Green Light Red Light
Candy Carve
Battle mode
Rope rescue
– Tug of War
– Kohatu takahi karaihe
– Mapere

Super cool and awesome horror character
Various levels with different difficulty
Many game modes to play and challenge
– Hoahoa ngawari, ngawari ki te whakahaere
Cool design and graphics with vivid sounds

Are you ready to escape from Squid Factory? Join with us in the game Huggy Game: 456 Te oranga NOW 🎮