Idle Monster GO! – Tinihangatia&Hack

Na | Akuhata 8, 2022

Are you ready to become a top trainer? 《Idle Monster Go!》 is a multiplayer real-time game where you can collect, train and evolve dozens of pets. Build your strongest team and get ready for battles!

1. Various pets, unique skills
Get treasure chests to unlock rewards, collect your favorite new pets, keep training and evolving them to become more powerful!

2. Endless exciting challenges, full of unknown adventures
Build your strongest team, challenge major bosses, explore and win experience and rewards.

3. Close to the original, restore the classic
Realistic 1V1 gameplay, you can PK with friends, challenge the world’s top trainers, and constantly improve the power ranking.

4. A variety of strategies and combinations
Pets will grow up and awaken to gain different superpowers and skills, you can defeat enemies by matching lineups and develop strategies.

5. Join a guild and takaro ki nga hoa
You can create or join a guild to meet more friends, challenge guild bosses, and donate items for rewards.
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