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Online shooter games and pvp games are your favourite genres? A kind of arcade online игра со пукање or just one of shooters? We don’t know how to call this game’s genre!

Here is Fury Warstrash, hardcore battle games!

We decided to show how cool your favorite heroes can be in funny new style! Give really huge guns to each brawlers and arrange shooter games! Our heroes are real cool stars!

These shooters is full of madness! You will meet a bunch of sly enemies with various unique abilities in this online shooting game, third person or better say top-down tps! Take care of your head, because allies can drop on it from the clouds!

It’s not a simple tps (third person) and even not ordinary сartoonish pvp games. Black humor, absolute absurd and infinite battles on your screen! Fury Warsonline shooting game (third person), will impress you because it has:

huge arsenal of epic guns!
Not each of battle games & shooters can provide you with such waste and various armory!
Are you sick and tired of shooter games with ordinary, boring pistols and rifles? So this entry in online shooter games will give a chance to arrange a new kind of battles! Cut your enemies with a Dead Unicorn, fry up with Electric trident and shove and explosive fish down the enemy’s jumpsuit!

worldwide popular heroes in a little bit strange but tough visual design!

unique super tricks and skills for each hero!
Stars of these online shooter games are not that simple. Use super-attacks and turn your enemies into hot-dogs and mince or scare them to scream!

popular shooter games modes! Escort, Gold rush and Team deathmatch!
Tactical or not? Кој се грижи? Simply enjoy awesome battle arena! You’ll be nicely surprised with this new kind of pvp games mixed with tps (third person) , we promise! Accompany huge Machine right to the enemies’ base, defend, attack and give’em a hardcore disaster! Hunt for gold and fight with brawlers in Gold Rush!

competitive spirit in tps (third person)!
Can you stand up to hordes of brawlers or survive in endless waves of dangerous adversaries? This insane online shooting game will not let you relax!

super-cool skins for guns and heroes! We think that a nice-looking hero is not enough for an online shooting game. We are creating awesome skins for our brawlers!

Do you like such stuff and fond of shooter games genre? So these online shooter games are here for you! These pvp games are going to offer many features to you!

Fury Warsexplosive mix of online shooting game, cool brawlers and madness! Запомнете, this kind of battle games is not like all shooters you’ve used to play…

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