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GODS RAID : Team Battle RPG Cheats&Хак

Welcome to Valhalla! ★ Make a Contract with the New God and Receive Rewards by Participating Vote in the Official Community Server! ★ *Meet various game news and events first at the Official Community Server! · Official Community Server: https://community.withhive.com/godsraid Collect, train, ascend, evolve, and awaken your Heroes to change the fate of the world.Form… Прочитај повеќе »

Arcane SagaTurn Based RPG Cheats&Хак

Combine diverse and captivating heroes to form your unique party, and engage in strategic battles that require careful planning! Arcane Saga is a turn-based RPG where players collect 57 different heroes and over 100 types of equipment and spells. [Карактеристики]■ 57 Unique Heroes and Various Skill CombinationsExperience a turn-based strategic RPG with diverse hero decks.… Прочитај повеќе »

XCOM LEGENDS: Squad RPG – Хитрини&Хак

We need your help once again, Командант. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary научна фантастика battle like no other in XCOM Legends: the idle turn-based RPG action game set within the esteemed XCOM franchise. Assemble your squad of XCOM heroes and gear up for intense tactical PvP battles against the alien threat. XCOM, a select coalition of… Прочитај повеќе »

Boori’s Spooky Tales: Idle RPG Cheats&Хак

It was an era when ghosts were prevalent.Boori, the exorcist, had his body taken away by a ghostand just barely managed to stay aliveinside a crow’s bodyWill Boori be able to seek his revenge against the ghostsand become human again…? – Excerpt from the ghost-hunter crow’s training journal————————————————– ■ Battle, in your ghost-hunting… Прочитај повеќе »

Hero Kingdom : Idle RPG Cheats&Хак

Enjoy the hero-raising idle RPG game!Obtain various heroes through hero draw and create your own strategy to build your kingdom! An adventure to find a lost kingdom!Develop your own strategy to defeat monsters and lead your kingdom to prosperity! Let’s leave for a hot spot in the New World as soon as possible????. ✅ 5-person… Прочитај повеќе »

Girls Evo: RPG во мирување – Хитрини&Хак

Hey Master, you are the only one with pure power in the Elven World. We need your help to save the world from chaos. Catch monsters here to be your teammates and evolve them to be stronger to go further in the unknown journey! Enjoy the Stylized Monster and Girls World. Game Features ■Catch and… Прочитај повеќе »

RPG Alphadia I & II Cheats&Хак

Currently, in some environments, you may experience no tap response on the title screen. We are conducting an investigation into the cause of this issue, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you are experiencing similar issues, please wait a while for further updates. Step into the enchanting world of… Прочитај повеќе »

Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG – Хитрини&Хак

Game FeaturesExclusive pre-registration rewards: HERO-Julius Caesar*1Common Soulstone*60Basic Enhance Torrent*100Bounty Pass*1Huge Amount of Autoplay Income (9 часови)*1———————————————————————————— This isekai world combines light and magic, embodying love and perseverance!Interesting treasures are scattered throughout the world, each with its own mysteries and landscapes, waiting to be explored by adventurers. You will embark on a joyful and relaxing adventure… Прочитај повеќе »

Hero Quest: Idle RPG War Game Cheats&Хак

Hero Quest: Rumble WarDefend the Kingdom in Offline Fantasy RPG! The dark rumble of war drums echoes through the land. Monsters, led by a fearsome dragon, surge from a rift in the earth, threatening to engulf the kingdom in chaos. You are a lone hero, called upon to stand as the last line… Прочитај повеќе »

Hero Legacy: Adventure RPG – Хитрини&Хак

Херој! Thank Gods, you have returned! The world you remember is gone. Estaria is being consumed by the forces of corruptionBut evenin the deepest despair, there is hope.You are the royal child, an heir to the throne, and the light of the future. ???? RPG ADVENTURE! ???? FORGE YOUR STORY This is your story.You… Прочитај повеќе »