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Classic Words Solo – Хитрини&Хак

Classic Words is the number one word game to play against your smartphone or tablet (solitaire mode). Enrich your vocabulary thanks to the built-in word definitions!6 difficulty levels and many languages are supported: Англиски, шпански, Француски, италијански, германски, холандски, and Polish. Tired of stumbling across cheaters or waiting hours for your opponent’s next move on… Прочитај повеќе »

Classic Words Plus – Хитрини&Хак

Classic Words is the number one word game to play against your smartphone or tablet (solitaire mode). ★ Classic Words Plus exclusive features ★• Ad-free experience• Pass-and-Play mode for 2 играчи: (this mode lets you play offline on a single device with someone next to you, online multiplayer mode is *not* supported) Enrich your vocabulary… Прочитај повеќе »

Garden of Words: Word game Cheats&Хак

Лесно за играње, Garden of Words is a word game that makes learning fun! Play every day and improve your spelling! Memorize new words and expand your vocabulary! —WHY PLAY?— ➛ Simple and accessible: slide your finger on the letters to make a word.➛ Original and fun: the crossword puzzle gives you hints about the… Прочитај повеќе »

Bubble Words Word Games Puzzle Cheats&Хак

Welcome to Bubble Word Games: a modern word game to challenge your brain. Enjoy one of the best word games free for adults, kids and family. Have fun in a word connect puzzle: link letters to form the longest words hidden under the sea. Bubble Word Games is a word connect puzzle to play with… Прочитај повеќе »

Words of Wonders: Крстозбор – Хитрини&Хак

Welcome to Words of Wonders! In this fantastic crossword game, you will improve your vocabulary and spelling skills at the same time you travel around the world discovering the hidden secrets of the 7 wonders and also incredible cities. In WOW you will start with few letters as an unique clue, you will have to… Прочитај повеќе »

Harvest of WordsWord Search Cheats&Хак

Sharpen your mind while playing is possible with Harvest of Words. This new cross word game, from the makers of Garden of Words and Wordox, is incredibly addictive and relaxing at the same time. Harvest of Words is a beautiful and immersive word search puzzle game. Thousands of ever-growing, educational word puzzles await you to… Прочитај повеќе »

Убиства на средини: Зборови, Криминал & Мистериозни Хитрини&Хак

Земете ја вашата лупа и помогнете во решавањето на страшните мистерии за убиство во оваа возбудлива игра со крстозбори! Округот Мидсомер: шармантно место каде колиби, фарми, шумите и потоците создаваат илузија на тишина, спокоен и мирен живот. Сепак, не се залажувајте… Мидсомер е познато опасно место за живеење, со убиство околу секој… Прочитај повеќе »

Words With Friends 2 – Board Games & Word Puzzles Cheats&Хак

OUR MULTIPLAYER MOBILE WORD BOARD GAMES are better and smarter than ever before! Unscramble letters, train your brain and indulge in a plethora of word board games and crossword puzzles in Words With Friends 2! Expand your vocabulary and show off your spelling skills as you search for the highest scoring word in this beloved… Прочитај повеќе »

Wordington: Зборови & Дизајн – Хитрини&Хак

Follow the memorable word story together with Emma! Help her to renovate her Grandpa’s beautiful old mansion. You design the interior and exterior of the house by fixing what’s already there, choosing various objects, and so much more. To progress in the story, you will need to solve crossword puzzles. Beat and complete these crossword… Прочитај повеќе »

Magnetic Words – Пребарување & Connect Word Game Cheats&Хак

Sharpen your mind while having fun are a total match in this new search & connect word game. Play thousands of original word puzzles, in this relaxing and immersive word search game, to improve your lexical IQ. As a daily 10-minute routine, you will improve your visualization, vocabulary and spelling skills tremendously. While playing, your… Прочитај повеќе »