Monsters Valley – Cheats&Hack

By | January 8, 2023

Massive collection of cute pets, innovative gameplay and fun! Log in to “Monsters Valley” now and set sail towards the goal of becoming a top trainer!

—-Classic childhood masterpiece—-
Classic plot, classic scene, players are about to become a cute pet trainer, and challenge their cute pet companions on the road to becoming a champion master in the adventure world!

—-Free capture of divine beasts—-
New joint participation, free capture of divine beasts. 800+ cute pets for you to choose, wild beasts to capture, massive activities and gameplay to help you easily evolve elves!

—-Real-time PVP competition—-
Real-time competitive gameplay, smooth PVP fair battle! Players compete online and match indiscriminately around the world. Your strength will amaze the world!

—-More interesting gameplay—-
Multiplayer dungeons, world bosses, and Buddhist trainers can also feel full of joy! Experience the peak duel and compete for technical strength!