brain code — hard puzzle game Cheats&खाच

द्वारा | सप्टेंबर 15, 2022

brain : code — hard puzzle games. Five words which fully describes the game:
• brain — you should use the full power of your brain to complete all the puzzles.
• code — yep, you need to code(no worries, programming skills are not required). brain code provides you a unique experience with the puzzles you have never played before.
• hard — yes, this game is hard, but you can complete it.
• puzzle — six letters, one word, one meaning. No additional explanation needed.
• game — great brain test, still a wonderful offline game.

But not only the brain is needed, attentivenessis what you also need. Every piece of text in the game can give you a tip for the next level.

The solutions for the levels could be everywhereon one of the previous levels, in your friend’s phone or even on the Maps (seriously, no jokes) आणि बरेच काही. That’s why brain code is a mix of unique puzzle games and brain games.

Brain games — impressive
Experience — unique
Gameplay — attractive
Design — great
Jokes — inluded

We gave you enough tips to complete the game. The reviews likeThere is no logic in this puzzle gamesand similar are not accepted. If you don’t see the logic, then these brain games does not fits you. तथापि, you can always ask for help in the comment section below or via email Peace!

The bug has been detected and processdescriptionhas been shut down.
brain code system message : brain test stopped. Offline game mode enabled
If this is the first time you’ve seen this message, just skip it.
If you reading description again, this information can be useful for you.
Tech info:
STOP 0x000LVL09 (Bad level checksum)
REASONi like this game
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