माझे शहर – Boat adventures Cheats&खाच

द्वारा | मार्च 24, 2023

Take a cruise, go fishing, get treasures and much more! माझे शहर: Boat Adventures is where you can do whatever you want. Create your own stories, feel the excitement of going through the port control to board your favourite boat. Experience life on an isolated island, enjoy life on the Caribbean party island create your own adventures and stories. You are the captain and you make the rules in this game!

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Think of this game as a fully interactive dollhouse in which you can touch and interact with almost every object you see. With fun characters and highly detailed locations, kids can role-play by creating and playing out their own stories.

Easy enough for a 3-year old to play with, exciting enough for a 9-year old to enjoy!

खेळ वैशिष्ट्ये:
This game has 8 new locations for kids to explore, role-play and layout their own stories.
Fun puzzles to solve and hidden locations to discover.
Lots of fun activities. Be the captain of your ship, live on a stranded island, create awesome parties and more!
– 20 Characters included in this game, feel free to take them to other games. The options are endless!
Play as you want, stress-free games, Extremely high playability.
Connects with other My City games: All My City games connect together allowing kids to share characters between our games.

More Games, More Story Options, More Fun.

शिफारस केलेला वयोगट
लहान मुले 4-12: My City games are safe to play even when parents are out of the room.

Please ensure that all your My City games are installed and updated in your device.

We support multi-touch so kids can play games together with friends and family on the same screen!

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