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War and Peace: Civil War Clash Cheats&खाच

Build army bases, raise infantry, use revolutionary tacticsanything to win the Civil War NEW FEATURESBattle for the Union EventAn intense massive battle between all the servers to win the supreme title of President of the Union. All players are given the chance to earn a variety of rare items meant to give… पुढे वाचा »

Peace, Death! – फसवणूक&खाच

Peace, Death! is an arcade simulator with difficulties. या खेळात, you play as the Reaper working for your boss, Death, in Apocalypse, Inc. You face a challenge: go through a trial period of seven weeks to get a permanent job and advance the interests of your employer. वैशिष्ट्ये. You need to examine each client’s… पुढे वाचा »