Poppy Survival GameCheats&Hack

By | January 24, 2022
️Attention all players, the game is about to begin.

Green Light, Red Light: The two rule that you have to keep in mind isStop when red and Run when green
Dalgona Challenge: Break the candy with to come out with different shape like: star, umbrella, circle,…
Tug of War: Use your strength to win against the other group. Remember only 50% of you will survive in this game
Marble Rolling: Play marbles in the right hole in one shot, don’t let rival win this game
Glass Stepping Stone: Choose the right glass stone so that your fate wont end regretfully
More and More

Great music and fantastic theme
Various skin with a lot of reward waiting ahead
Also game easy to control
Funny posture
Follow the staff’s instructions and swiftly make your way towards the game hall.
Don’t get eliminated and make your way to the top for the 46.5 billion won prize pool!!