Dead World Heroes: Zombie War Cheats&Hack

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Located within America and its environs, Mike the mechanic and a team of other survivors try to find a better days in a post-apocalyptic world infested with the infected. In their attempt to do so they only found more problems, eventually fixing their drive to put an end to the zombie epidemic.

As practitioners each and every one of us should strive to be ordinary, if not extraordinary heroes. There is a group of ordinary people like youKeep them alive now.

Fil-logħba, you meet and control heroes who eventually fight as a team to survive in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by barren and cruel zombies. Each hero has a unique and playable backstory.

The team travels from location to location with a bus, so the bus is greatly appreciated for them. Madankollu, the devil of technology never sleeps, the bus sometimes breaks down, but sometimes it runs out of gas. In such cases, our heroes must stand up when and where this happens. In this case, Mike, the mechanic, searches for parts and repairs the busbut the zombies don’t rest in the meantime either. It’s still easy to fight them during the day. But when night falls, the zombies, and with them, the situation turns sour.

There are missions where, leaving the bus, they search for supplies in abandoned houses and, Dażgur, constantly get involved in new and new adventures.

The arsenal of the team is very wide, as they progress, they get different support items, and power ups, as well as collect junks, which can be sold to improve their strength. Each zombie and each hero in the game has its own strengths and weaknesses. Before every mission, it is crucial that you can lead your survivors to victory with a customized deck.

So this game is a real-time, dynamic and deep strategy/tactical game that will take you to an amazing but dangerous zombie apocalyptic world. Immersive, engaging gameplay, absolutely hand drawn art, and a touch of humor. Brave heroes, powerful support items and ugly zombies await you to face the greatest challenges.

Karatteristiċi tal-Logħob

Lead your survivors in 19+ campaign missions and 12+ survivor prequel missions across different story episodes. Each mission requires new strategy, tactics and actions to survive.
Each hero has a basic weapon and 2 special abilities that can be upgraded from the experience points you earn during survival.
– 8 upgradable Support Item as deployable defensive weapons forms your arsenal.
– 8 Special Weapons to kick the zombies and give your tactics even more depth.
Complete any of the 25+ Achievements and claim your well-deserved reward.
Find cultural and movie references, easter eggs to entertain yourself.